Person in charge : Zakia KAZI-AOUL
Pre-requisites: II.2204
Organization: Lectures + Conferences + project
Evaluation : Memory Defense
ECTS : 5 credits


Businesses globalization requires reorganization of information systems to support new methods of work and development according to covered sectors. In particular, the redesign and optimization of business processes are complex issues and are based on a good knowledge of practices and techniques that will be presented in this module.

Learning Objectives


The module will acquire knowledge of business organization and information systems in order to optimize them. In particular, the module aims to develop skills around three axes:
- Governance of information systems (develop a governance strategy, implement the strategy, monitor the strategy implementation),
- Integration of information systems (integration of different actors in the value chain, integrating processes, data integration, integration architectures IS)
- Communication and technological


Concepts - Know-how

  • Generic Organization of a firm (architecture, modules)
  • Sectoral organization (financial, banking / insurance, government, telecom, education, health,...)
  • Developing a strategy and its implementation
    • Urbanization of IS (mapping, optimization, orchestration)
    • Planning, defining a strategic framework
    • Business Process management
  • Monitoring the implementation of the strategy
    • Dashboards
    • IS Audit, ITIL and COBIT
    • Security and Risk Analysis
    • IS Quality
  • Integration of different actors in the value chain (B2B, e-commerce, CRM)
  • Integrating data (indicators, Business Intelligence, distribution of data)
  • Apprehension of the IS environment, competitive intelligence, business intelligence

Teaching approach

The module includes lectures, conferences, and a project with thesis and defense.