Prerequisite :  Java and JEE
Level : Intermediate
Teacher coordinator : Gilles Carpentier
Course organization : lectures 24 hrs, tutorials and project : 18 hrs
Evaluation : 2 written exams and 1 project
ECTS : 5


Services for mobiles have some design, development and deployment constraints.



 A student should be able to design, develop and deploy a service fro mobiles including:

  • the mobile application (Android apk for example)
  • the service (on top of JEE on a server or on the cloud)


Course organization

  •  Introduction to the dedicated services for mobiles (1 lecture) :
    • what is mobile technology : everywhere and anytime
    • services by activity field (transports, health, trade, ...)
  • Handsets capabilities and market overview (3 lectures)
  • Android development basics (4 lectures)
  • Android tutorials (2 lectures)
  • project


Lecture slides, links, different materials stored on Moodle.