Pre-requisites: IR.1101 / IR.1201 Networks Fundamentals
Organization: Lectures/conferences (21h)


The notion of security is a fundamental knowledge needed by all engineers. This transversal notion involves both hardware and software elements. Securing a system requires, above all, a methodology and a comprehensive understanding of the use cases of the system to secure, whether at the network level, information system level or application development.

Learning Objectives


The purpose of this module is to introduce the basic concepts related to security at all levels: application level, system architecture level, network level, and hardware level with reliability concepts. In terms of skills, this module aims to enable students to:
  • Ensure the quality and the safety of a system
  • Analyze and model a problem with constraints
  • Evaluate technical solutions



  • Information systems security
  • Web application security
  • Network Security
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Reliability, performance and redundancy of equipment and service
  • Legal aspects and regulations


  • Best practices for web application programming
  • Identity management, authentication
  • Management of access rights
  • Encryption cryptography