Pre-requisities: none
Level: basic
Organization: E-learning: 15 hours; Labs: 16 hours; Lectures: 6h
Assessment: quiz, labs, final examination
Person in charge: Yousra Chabchoub
Taught in English: Yes

Learning Objectives


  • Modeling of complex systems such as networks in order to understand the mode of operation
  • Experimentation in the field of computer networks by implementing the concepts developed during the modeling



  • network communication
  • approach « by layer » of networks
  • the OSI model
  • the TCP/IP model
  • the various network devices
  • the models of the network addressing
  • the types of media used to route data across the network


  • useful basic system commands for networks: ping, tracert, telnet, ssh, ...
  • use of Wireshark software and PacketTracer
  • basic commands of Cisco operating system (IOS)

Teaching method

  • this module takes place in the context of a Cisco Academy in the form of e-learning and Labs
  • courses are available for students on a platform of e-learning
  • access to the platform is possible from outside the ISEP, including outside the reserved time slots
  • the practical sessions come down knowledge and allow the speaker to go over some concepts reinforcing e-learning
  • automatic quiz are offered to students as part of the platform for e-learning. Labs sessions provide an opportunity to formally pass some of these tests to validate their individual level.


  • On-line courses (e-learning of Cisco Academy)