Project and Introduction to Research

Students interested in research can join one of ISEP 's research team to work directly with faculty members :

MINARC works in the field of low-voltage and low-power circuits, ultra-low power systems for medical applications and reconfigurable radios, and interaction between circuit design and advanced technologies (SOI, multiple-gate transistors, nanotechnologies, …).

SITe conducts research on the following topics: signal and image processing and analysis in various applications (e.g. medical imaging for ophthalmology, multimodal biometrics),  video coding, and optimization of radio-resource allocation in post-3G cellular networks.

RDI works on the issue of quality of Internet applications and architectures. It aims at producing tools, methods and case studies to assess and validate environment- and context-aware applications. RDI applies its work to various domains related to M2M platforms and mobile services (M2M, Cloud Computing, Recommendation Systems, Dataflow mining, and Formal Methods).