Person in charge: Mohamed SELLAMI

Prerequisite: II.1101/II1201 Data Bases and Web Technologies (APP), II.1102/II.1202 Algorithmics & Programming

Organization: Lectures/practical sessions 25h; project 28 h

Evaluation: Continuous assessment (40%) + project and defense (40%) + examination (20%)

ECTS: 5 credits



Most of current Web applications are developed using Web libraries and frameworks, and aim at being attractive, safe, and reachable from different devices. A new generation of technologies and methodologies allows the development of Web applications and improving their usability. Moreover, the advent of smartphones and tablets “are pushing” us to use novel adapted paradigms and tools. This module focuses on the development of such Web applications both from client-side and server-side.



This module aims at presenting the basic concepts related to the development of a Web application using server-side Java technologies and client-side Web standards.




In terms of skills, this module aims to enable students to:

 ·         Develop a Web application using:

 o    Server-side Java technologies, and

 o    Client-side Web standards.

 ·         Take advantage of new HTML5 features.

 ·         Build responsive Web sites




This module enables students to develop the following concepts and skills.


 o   Web application (server side)

  • Java Servlet
  • Java Server Pages
  • Java Beans, JDBC
  • Cookies, Sessions
  • MVC

 o   Web application (client side)

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • HTML5, CSS3/4
  • JQuery
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • Responsive design



o   Ability to choose the right language/framework for next generation Web applications

o   Design and realize Web applications accessible from different devices

o   Use a high-level abstraction layer to access any type of database


Pedagogical Approach


Presentation of fundamentals as lectures illustrated with exercises. Implementation in the form of practical work initially, then in the form of a group project.