Person in charge: Rahma ABDAOUI

Pre-requisite IE.1101, IF.1201, knowledge of analogue and digital electronics fundamentals, fundamental physics

Organization : Lectures
Assessment : Study case , labs
ECTS : 5



Computation is so surround us in our daily lives realizing a vision of « Ambient Intelligence » where many devices gather and process information from many different sources to both control physical processes and to interact with human users.



In this context, the module aims at introducing students to the basics of Electronic systems for IOT applications: from the sensor to the RF transceiver.

·         Concepts

    • Sensors and sensor networks ( types , fabrication , specifications , etc)
    • Sensor to electronics interface 
    • Application of specific sensors
    • IoT challenges from the hardware point of view
    • Power consumption challenges
    • Radio communication protocols
    • Communication protocols/ I²C et SPI

·         Know-how

Design and technical specification for sensor systems and IoT applications.