ISEP opens its own start-up incubator!

This space is entirely dedicated to the development and launch of its most promising startups.

Last March, ISEP inaugurated its own incubator, an equipped space of about 100 square meters, made available to pupils with entrepreneurial projects with an innovative idea to develop under conditions of Ideal accompaniment.

This year marks a strong point in the history of ISEP and its involvement in entrepreneurship. Indeed, for several years, the school has been encouraging its students to embark on the adventure of the creation of a company. ISEP students already have the opportunity to follow a path entirely devoted to entrepreneurship, with the possibility of integrating the partner incubator of Arts et Métiers ParisTech. The creation of the ISEP incubator reinforces the entrepreneurial direction of the school. It is open to the creators of ISEP but also to others, in the fields of digital.


« For several years now, we have been witnessing a real digital revolution, which is proving to be a accelerator of transformation for our societies, both in the economic world and in our everyday lives. This affects our relationships to work, wage-earning and the mode of production of wealth. The field is open to more innovation, more creativity with an entrepreneurial spirit that is becoming widespread among the new generations. Our initiative aims to support the creators of ISEP in bringing their project to a successful conclusion and to participate fully in the ongoing transformations ».

Dieudonné Abboud, director of education and future CEO of ISEP, initiated the project.


ISEP firmly believes that the digital engineer has the perfect profile to become an entrepreneur, that innovation is a determining factor in the economic development, and this includes, among other things, the creation of startups. That is why we strive to spread the entrepreneurial culture as soon as we enter the engineering cycle. The launch of the student association Hustle’ISEP in 2016 falls within this framework. In addition, several competitions (PITT startup, Startup weekend, etc.) are organized throughout the year to give ISEPs the opportunity to present and confront their projects before a jury of professionals.

Each year, a dozen companies are born in the school, and more than 150 businesses have been created by our graduates. Several ISEPs have installed their startup in Silicon Valley, California.


 « Passionate about digital, I also always had an attraction for business management. The ISEP allowed me to have this opening, first of all thanks to the managerial training but especially through the entrepreneurship course during which I was able to launch my first project. A few years later and after a first contract in the Silicon Valley, I launched my startup Daylighted. Silicon Valley is an extraordinary place for creation and innovation, especially for an ISEP engineer! My engineering studies have proved to be an important asset for the development of my startup, obviously from the conception to the realization of the product, but not that: marketing, accounting, finance, strategy are all areas in which the engineers have an advantage, especially in the Silicon Valley! But the most important thing for me is to have acquired a transversal way of thinking while having this intellectual curiosity specific to the engineer, which allows me to understand the product and commercial problems with pragmatism, discipline and optimism. ISEP definitely has the resources to provide the necessary tools and methods to acquire this state of mind. »

Elisabeth Mouchy, promo 2007, founder of the startup Daylighted, located in California, in Silicon Valley.


ISEP also launch a new “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” course to encourage ever more engineering students to create their own startups.


The ISEP incubator is located in the premises of the Pépiniere d’Issy at 215, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 92130, Issy-les-Moulineaux.