A word from the Director General of ISEP – May 2021

The pandemic has been going on now for a long time. However, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Confronted with these testing times, which people all over the world are facing, the message that I would like to address to the whole ISEP community is one of hope, confidence and determination.

Through our collective solidarity, we have succeeded in ensuring academic continuity in all fields at ISEP by focusing on the human factor. Thanks to the concerted efforts of all our teams, which are ever enriching and renewing themselves, the reputation of our institution continues to grow.

The publication of the rankings a few months ago saw ISEP highly placed, emphasizing the quality of our teaching, the excellent track record of occupational appointments of our alumni as well as our close relationships with the leading companies in professional world and our policy of endowing research and innovation chairs.

This same spirit of collective solidarity may also be found in a very creative way in the outstanding work of our student associations. The success of these associations in adapting to the difficult conditions imposed by the pandemic is something from which we may all take great satisfaction.

We must now get the upper hand over the pandemic by learning the lessons that it has taught us about how to build a new and different future. We must construct it in order to prevent any future catastrophe from spreading around our global home ever again.

Our task is to shape those who will build that future.

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