Skema Conseil and Junior ISEP launch SKISEP Consulting

Building on a four-year partnership, which, in particular, enabled the two junior enterprises to win the ENGIE Prize for the Best Project with a Positive Impact in 2020, Skema Conseil and Junior ISEP (the Junior Enterprise of the Institut Supérieur d’Électronique de Paris engineering school) are sharing their identity and skills to create the SKISEP Consulting brand.

This new entity will capitalise on the best of our two enterprises to strengthen our commercial and engineering hybrid offering. For this, we’re betting on a shared brand which we hope will create a strong feeling of belonging among the teams, whom I would like to warmly thank for the fruition of this project,” says Brahim Belasri-Nogueira, president of Skema Conseil.

For Vincent Desmazières, president of Junior ISEP: “This ambitious and innovative brand within the junior enterprise movement will enable us to support a growing number of clients and to share values and a common ‘house’. We are very proud that this project is coming to life and is being developed as part of the renewal of our partnership for the next five years!
The goal of SKISEP Consulting is twofold: to bring together the teams from the two junior enterprises by sharing the knowledge and DNA of the two structures, and to develop projects with high added value for their clients.
Thanks to SKISEP Consulting, the junior entrepreneurs will be capable of offering unique support for the ever more complex and varied issues faced by businesses in the 21st century. This promising project will be backed in its development by the two enterprises’ shared partner: ALTEN.

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