3 Isep students won the Call for Code Global Challenge university edition

On November 17, 2021, Maë Bain, Erwann David and Adrian Kinsey-Hillou, students at ISEP, won the Call for Code Global Challenge University Edition 2021 organized by IBM, in partnership with Clinton Global Initiative. For this edition, developers and innovators from around the world were invited to fight climate change with open source technology.

Maë Bain, Adrian Kinsey-Hillou, members of the association Garage Isep, and Erwann David, member of Junior Isep, have developed a “Trashtag” solution that allows to check, track and reward people who collect waste from wild pollution in natural areas. They managed to combine Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain technologies and Cloud to help fight against waste that damages natural environments. Their goal is to reward people achieving a “TrashTag Challenge”, and thus create an action for the environment through technology, accessible to all, and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals decreed by the UN.

“The developers on the Trashtag team are a testament to the best the open source community has to offer and give us optimism about how technology can help fight climate change and shape the future,” said Ruth Davis, director of IBM Call for Code.


Next step: deploy their solution to tackle the world’s waste problem with the help of contest sponsors David Clark Cause and the United Nations.