Career Opportunity for ISEP Graduates

We are living in a digital world: from complex industrial equipment to daily objects (e.g. mobile phone, transport, household appliances, etc.). The phenomenon of digitalization holds a major place in a globalized economy and opens up new job opportunities to our graduates.

Every year, 100% of ISEP graduates find a job within 3 months.

There is a shortage of engineers in France:  nearly 37,000 engineers are trained every year in France, but the current need of the French market is 42,000. If we look at a global prospective, there is a high demand in Engineering domains too.

ISEP‘s education covers different aspects in digital technologies: electronics, computer science, telecommunications, signal processing and more…

ISEP engineers are active in diverse sectors: computer consulting, software/hardware development, aerospace, banking, insurance, automobile, pharmaceutical, etc.


ISEP Alumni is an association of ISEP students and graduates, with nearly 9000 members.

The role of ISEP Alumni:

  • Mentoring session (career coaching, internship guidance, professional project etc.);
  • Experience sharing session (conferences, after works, guidance in the domain of creation companies etc.).