International Integrated Cycle (CII)

The CII is a 2-year program (Preparatory cycle). After passing 2 years’ of preparatory courses, the students of CII program will be enrolled in the 3-year Engineering cycle. This program is oriented toward candidates who passed their senior high school studies in a science major(e.g. A Level, Huikao, French Baccalauréat…).

The international exposure includes two semester’s oversea study. Firstly, during the preparatory cycle, there will be one semester of overseas study in China, the UK, the Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Tunisia, and South Korea. Next, during the engineering cycle, there will be another semester of oversea study in one of our 150+ partner universities in the world.


Preparatory Cycle (2 years):

This program contains three well-balanced parts basic science, techniques & technologies, and humanities.

 3-semester program at ISEP (90 ECTS credits)

Fundamental Sciences Technical sciences & Technology Humanities
30 ECTS credits
30 ECTS credits
30 ECTS credits
Engineering Mathematics
Signal and systems
Group project in Electronics
Software (PYTHON)
Group project in  Robotics
A choice of future technical study
Introduction to the company
English and communication skills
Second foreign language
Personal commitments–communication actions

1 semester of international exposure (30 ECTS credits) in the second year

Here is the list of our partner universities for this program (AY2020-2021):

  • Glyndwr University at Wrexham, Wales (UK)
  • Université de Laval ( Canada) – only French citizenship students
  • Transport and Telecommunication Institute at Riga (Latvia)
  • Czech Technical University at Prague (Czech)
  • La Haute École Louvain en Hainaut-HELHa(Belgium)
  • University of Oulu (Finland)
  • Beijing Jiaotong University at Beijing (China)*
  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology at Wuhan (China)*
  • Ecole Supérieure Privée d’Ingénierie et de technologie at Ariana (Tunisia)
  • Inha University at Incheon (South Korea)

*Note: Chinese universities only accept foreign nationalities for the exchange programs

The objective of this 1-semester international experience:
1/ Learning differently in science, technology, and humanities
2/ Becoming independent
3/ Discovering other cultures

CII taught in English

A 30-seat class is open to good English-speaking students with an excellent level of science. The program is fully taught in English. This class follows the same pedagogical model, especially teamwork but the students have to communicate in English, and, of course, they study for one semester abroad during their second year.


After CII program, it will be followed by an engineering cycle (3 years):

A common curriculum is based on: Basic Sciences, Specialized Sciences, and Humanities, then it is followed by 8 specializations for your career plan:

*Five specializations taught fully in English:
• Software Engineering – development – for those who like to code.
• Embedded systems – electronics – for those who aim to secure the equipments in transport, aeronautics, energy, etc.
• Wireless Telecommunications and IoT systems – connected objects – for those who are committed to help people to connect with things.
• Data Intelligence – artificial intelligence – for those who want to help leaders make appropriate decisions.
• Digital Security and Networks – cybersecurity – for those who aim to protect networks and personal data.

*Four specializations taught in French and partially in English:
• Information Systems Engineer – Entreprises Computing – for those who want to help businesses to be effective.
• Business Intelligence Engineer – artificial intelligence – for those who want to help leaders make appropriate decisions.
• Digital Health Engineer – image processing – for those who want to design diagnostic and therapy tools.
• Innovation & entrepreneurship – for those who are wishing to create their own start-ups.

Teaching Language

Option 1: Courses are fully conducted in French

Option 2: Courses are fully conducted in English

Tuition fees

8424€ per year (for AY2023-2024).

The tuition fees do not include health insurance, accommodation, travel expenses, and living expenses.

How to apply

The application deadline is July 15th for September intake. There is only one intake per year. The program starts at the beginning of September.

Application procedure:

Complete the online application form. You will be requested to upload the following documents:

  • ID photo
  • Copy of passport
  • CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • Copy of transcript
  • French proficiency certificate (minimum B1) for courses conducted in French or English proficiency certificate (TOEFL iBT 79/IELTS 6.0 or equivalent) for courses conducted in English

Your application will be assessed by an admission committee. If your application is selected, you will be contacted for an interview. The result of admission will be given shortly.