Corporate relations

Since the creation of the school in 1955, ISEP has maintained a permanent dialogue with the professional world.


Beyond their participation in the school’s board of directors, our corporate partners are associated with ISEP’s educational project as well. This ensures that our ISEP students receive a tailored education to adapt to today’s professional world.The objective of the corporate collaborations is to train our engineers with excellent technical skills, interpersonal skills and managerial qualities. This approach will enable our students to immerse themselves in  globalized and multicultural environments. It also helps our students  to evolve their careers into high responsibility positions or to be entrepreneurs.

Our corporate partners participate mainly in following areas:

  • Job opportunity: internship, apprenticeship or long-term contracts
  • Activity: games, challenges, contests
  • Meetings with students: forums, interview simulations, participation in Examination Boards
  • Company visits, alumni testimonies
  • Project proposals to final year students
  • Experts’ interventions in academic curriculum: e.g. specific courses or presentations
  • Support for ISEP student associations
  • Sponsorship for the graduating class
  • Sponsorship for new programs of ISEP