How to become a partner of ISEP

ISEP has been continually working in close co-operation with the Industrial sector since its creation in 1955. ISEP’s engineers are highly appreciated by numerous employers for their technical expertise in the leading specialized sectors. They are also recognized for their managerial skills together with their capacity to evolve and take on high-level positions.


These close links between ISEP and the Corporate world are also capitalized by the involvement of top companies in our pedagogical programmes by:

  • Proposing Internships
  • Sponsoring study paths
  • Sponsoring full Graduate Group Programmes
  • Giving feedback
  • Creating new courses
  • Actively participating in the induction of first year students at the beginning of the engineering curriculum.
  • Introducing experts as guest speakers in the curriculum to make presentations or to hold special thematic classes on specialized techniques.

This Industry oriented education has already proved to be successful when ISEP received top ranking (out of 174 establishments) in the 2019 Student magazine ‘l’Etudiant’ for the category: ‘Earn a good salary in the field of Information Technology’.

This ranking testifies to the excellence of the education provided by ISEP, to the driving force of its Engineering Degree together with its proximity to the Industry and the professional world.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of ISEP, please contact Sophie Carlander, Responsible for Corporate Relations.

If you wish to recruit a student on an apprenticeship basis coming from the best work-study Business/engineering/technical programmes, contact can be made through virtual school forums.

In May 2020, in order to facilitate remote recruiting, some 20 virtual school forums were created enabling recruiters to meet candidates from all over France.

Interested in knowing more, or consulting the list of school forums or wanting to participate in these events, please connect to:

Sponsoring a specific ISEP Group Programme


Each class year is sponsored by a renowned company and partner of ISEP

The objective of a sponsoring company is to accompany the students throughout their engineering studies.

The benefits of this are twofold as the students receive ongoing and customized support from a leading company while the sponsors can showcase their employer brand.

The sponsorship takes place over a period of a 2 to 3-year engineering study programme allowing the company to organize high visibility events including:

  • Sponsorship launching conferences
  • Conferences, round tables and thematic workshops
  • Meetings and on-site visits with the sponsors
  • Mock job interviews
  • ISEP forums
  • Information on recruiting opportunities
  • Final year projects
  • Graduating Ceremonies

ISEP 2020 Engineering Batch was sponsored by

Inetum is an agile IT services company providing digital services and solutions, and a global group helping businesses and institutions get the most out of the digital flow.

For further information on Inetum:

Other sponsors of the previous ISEP Graduation Groups:


Sogeti (2008),

PSA Peugeot (2009),

Orange (2010),

Capgemini (2011),

Ausy (2013),

CA Technologies (2014),

Meritis (2015),

Société Générale (2016)

Sopra Steria (2017)

Capgemini (2018)

Mantu (2019)

Inetum (2020)