Industry plays a central role in our projects

Founded in 1955, ISEP has been continually developing and fostering strong links with the Industrial Sector.

In addition to their contributions to the governance of our programs, industry is closely involved in designing our pedagogical projects from their creation to their implementation.
This guarantees that our Industry oriented education programs are perfectly adapted to the current and future requirements of the working world.
The objective of this approach is to provide training programs for students to become excellent technical engineers in the high-tech/leading sectors possessing top managerial and interpersonal skills. This baggage will enable them to adapt to an ever-growing multicultural and global world in which they can evolve and take on high-level positions or successfully create their own companies.

Industry’s involvement in the life of ISEP offers many possibilities:


  • Proposing Internships, apprenticeships/work-study programs, permanent employment contracts
  • Proposing games, challenges, competitions
  • Meeting our students: forums, mock job interviews, professional jury members
  • Participating in the induction scheme (at the beginning of the engineering curriculum), organising open days, presenting different professions
  • Proposing team projects to final year students
  • Introducing experts as guest speakers in the curriculum to make presentations or to hold special thematic classes on specialized techniques
  • Paying apprenticeship tax
  • Supporting the ISEP students’ associations
  • Sponsoring certain classes
  • Sponsoring specialization programs.


ISEP’s collaboration with the economic world associated with our academic curriculum enables us to fully support and engage our students in the creation and development of their professional projects.

Our regular contacts with our professional partners help the students to discover different professions and career opportunities. In this way, they can match their expectations with the reality of the job market, put into practice their professional knowledge and thereby gradually develop their employability.

This Industry oriented education has already yielded positive results when ISEP received top ranking (out of 174 establishments) in the 2019 Student magazine ‘l’Etudiant’ for the category: ‘Earn a good salary in the field of Information Technology’.


This testifies to the excellence of the education provided by ISEP, to the driving force of its Engineering Degree together with its proximity to the Industry and the professional world.

Recruiting our student engineers


During the Engineering Curriculum

Our engineering students must complete a minimum of 9 months’ in-company experience split into 2 long term phases as follows:

  • A minimum of 4 months (up to 6 months) in the second year (between July and December). During this internship, students must be able to apply and consolidate the knowledge acquired while adding value to the company. The experience of learning by working on projects in their first year allows the students to be fully operational very quickly.
  • A minimum of 5 months in the third year (from February to June or optionally to the end of September). This experience is destined to be much more than the industry’s contribution to an engineer’s education; it is key to the transition required when moving from academic life into the professional world. For this reason, ISEP insists on students finding an internship corresponding to at least one of the company’s needs, requiring the same level of involvement and expertise as that of a young graduate.

For ISEP Internships – Contact: ‘Stages ISEP’

François Falconnet – Responsable des stages

28, rue Notre-Dame des Champs – 75006 Paris / +33 149545222
To request an Internship

Taking on an Engineering Student with Apprenticeship status


Approximately 20% of ISEP students carry out their studies through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction.
This type of work-study program is available from the very first year for students who have already completed the ISEP preparatory classes (‘Classes Préparatoires Associées ISEP-Stanislas incorporated in the ISEP Integrated international Curriculum’ ), ‘Prépas ATS’ or holders of a Technical University Diploma (‘DUT’). In the 2nd and 3rd year of the engineering curriculum, this work-study program is also available for students from other external preparatory classes (‘CPGE’).

This work-study program is classified under the Apprenticeship status. Experience has shown that alternating weekly classes and in-company work is well adapted to the requirements of many companies. It can be organized either on a 3-day basis in ISEP with 2 days of on-the-job training or 2 days in ISEP classes and 3 days on site depending on the academic semester. This system has proved to be a lasting opportunity for students to be fully engaged in their training.


In agreement with the Authorities of the ‘Ile de France Region’, companies taking on apprentices have been asked, if possible, to fund the total cost of their training (€11,734 per year in 2018-19) through the payment of the Apprenticeship tax. If the employer cannot pay the total amount, the ISEP Apprenticeship Board (‘CFA’) has requested the company to pay at least the tuition fees charged to full-time academic engineering students (€8,320 for 2018-19). The remainder could be financed by the student.

To recruit an Apprentice: Contact:

Centre de Formation des Apprentis (CFA) ISEP

Abler Villegas – CFA Administrative Assistant

28, rue Notre-Dame des Champs – 75006 Paris / +33 149545231
Companies wishing to propose an apprenticeship, a job offer, an International Corporate Volunteer programme or internship: