The ISEP Chair Policy

The Chair policy reflects a shared desire (between Isep and its partners) to work together in the framework of the ISEP’s essential missions : Teaching, Research and Innovation. The aim is to :

  • To reinforce the professional character of Isep’s training courses through collaboration on the “career guidance” of the various offers. This is the case, for example, for the proposed courses in the ISEP engineering cycle, where the contribution of companies ensures the coupling between the academic content of each course and its professional scope – i.e. the jobs they lead to.
  • To manage, in a collaborative mode, research and innovation activities based on problems proposed by the partners. The solutions provided come from the field of expertise of the ISEP’s researchers and professors, particularly in field of digital communication technologies.
  • To deal with social and ethical aspects related to digital transformations in order to participate in the humanisation of the latter. Isep and its partners thus affirm a community of values and the purpose of the missions accomplished : digital technologies at the service of society.

In practice, this policy leads to a variety of rich achievements : chairs structured around a specific axis – such as research or teaching -, but also chairs integrating several dimensions…