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Theses in progress


– Title : ‘’Designing Big Data Frameworks for Quality-of-Data Controlling in Large-Scale Knowledge Graphs’’, by Hussein BAALBAKI, scholarship UL-Liban. Supervisor(s) : Dr. R. Angarita, Prof. F. Bader (ISEP), and Dr. Hassan HARB, Dr. Hussein Hazimeh (Université Libanaise -Liban). End 2024.



– Title : ˝ Screened blade segmentation for 3D modelling of axons and the optic nerve ˝, by Nan DING. Supervisor(s) : Prof. F. Rossant, Dr. J. Sublime, Dr. H. Urien (ISEP), and Prof. M. Paques (Hospital XV-XX). End 2023.

– Title : ˝Extensions and Applications of Graph-Based Neural Networks ˝, by Guillaume LACHAUD, scholarship ISEP. Supervisor(s) : Prof. M. Trocan, P. Conde-Cespedes (ISEP). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ New Base-band Architectures Using ML/DL in Presence of non-Linearities and Dynamic Environment ˝, by Ana Flavia DOS-REIS, scholarship ISEP&UFTP. Supervisor(s) : Prof. F. Bader, Dr. Y. Medjahdi (ISEP), and Prof. G. Gomes de Oliveira Brante, Prof. R. Demo Souza (UFTP – Paraná-Brazil). End 2023.

– Title : ˝IP for Electrostatic MEMS-Based Integrated Energy Harvester in GaN-on-Si Technology ”, by Eduardo HOLGUIN, scholarship ISEP&USFQ. Supervisor(s) : Prof. A. Vladimirescu, Dr. L. Trojman and Dr. A. Brenes (ISEP), and Prof. L.M. Prócel, Dr. E. Acurio (USFQ, Ecuador). End 2023.

– Title : ˝A global approach to optimising denormalised databases ˝, by Jihane MALI, scholarship ISEP& ESILV-Paris. Supervisor(s) : Dr. S. Ahvar (ISEP), and Dr. N. Travers (ESILV-Paris). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ Pattern detection and interpretation from several IT logs – application to the Bank sector ˝, by : Mariam BARRY. CIFRE BNP and Télécom Paristech. Supervisor(s) : Prof. R. Chiky (ISEP). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Design Using Compute-in-Memory ˝, by Tatiana MOPOSITA. Supervisor(s) : Dr. L. Trojman, Prof. A. Vladimirescu (scholarship Sorbonne University-EDITE), and Prof. Felice Crupi, Dr. Marco Lanuzza (Università Della Calabria-Italy). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ Concept and modeling of Energy Efficient Visible Light Communication system for Indoor Massive Connected Sensing Network ˝, by Hongxiu ZHAO, scholarship CRC-China. Supervisor(s) : Dr. X. Zhang, Prof. F. Bader (ISEP). End 2024.

– Title : ˝ Détection des anomalies dans les logs IT Cloud ˝, by Arthur VERVAET. CIFRE OUtscale. Supervisor(s) : Prof. R. Chiky (ISEP). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ High Resolution Radio-Light 3D SLAM and Fusion for Hybrid Ultra-Dense Network ˝, by Daysu SHI, scholarship CRC-China. Supervisor(s) : Dr. X. Zhang, Prof. A. Vladimirescu (ISEP). End 2024.

– Title : ˝ Spatio-Temporal Frecasting of Methane Super-Emitters Using Heterogeneous Data Streams ˝, by Jade GUISANO. Supervisor(s) : Prof. R. Chiky (ISEP) and Prof. E. Moulines (Polytechnique) (scholarship Sorbonne Université – EDITE). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ Development of New Security Techniques for the Physical Layer ˝, by Ajayi IDOWU. Supervisor(s) : Prof. L. Mroueh, Dr. Y. Medjahdi (ISEP). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ Explainable AI Systems for Rating Applications ˝, by : Ayoub QADI. CIFRE Tinubu Square – ENSTA. Supervisor(s) : Prof. M. Trocan (ISEP). End 2023.

– Title : ˝ New Baseband Architectures Using ML/DL in Presence of Non-linearities and Dynamic Environment ˝ by Dénis FLORES. CIFRE ST Microelectronics. Supervisor(s) : Prof. A. Vladimirescu (ISEP) and Université de Bordeaux. End 2023.



– Title : ˝ Distributed detection of anomalies in data flows ˝, by Mahougbe Maurras TOGBE. Supervisor(s) : Dr. Y. Chabchoube-ISEP. End : 2022.

– Title : ˝ Smart Agriculture ˝, by Shufan JIANG. Supervisor(s) : Prof. R. Chiky, Dr. R. Angarita (ISEP) and Université de Reims-Reims. End : 2022.

– Title : ˝ Electromagnetic Wideband Vibration Energy Harvesters ˝, by Gallien DELATTRE. Supervisor(s) : Dr. A. Brénes (ISEP) and the CEA-LETI. End : 2022.

– Title : ˝ High-precision indoor 3D positioning of dynamic objects using VLC/LIFI technology (centimetric localisation) using differential detection ˝, by -Yanqi HUANG, Supervisor(s) : Dr. X. Zhang (ISEP). Bourse région Bourgogne et ISEP. End : 2022.

– Title : ˝ Development of wireless energy recovery strategies with magnetoelectric transducers for powering biomedical devices ˝, by Ali KOTEICHE. Supervisor(s) : Dr. A. Brenes et Dr. K. Melon (ISEP). End : 2022.

– Title : ˝ Collaboration Tools for the Civic Tech ˝, by William ABOUCAYA. Supervisor(s) : Dr. R. ANGARITA (ISEP), and Prof. V. Issarny (INRIA-Paris). End : 2022.



-Title: ˝ Leveraging Universal Social Networking and the IoT for Urban-Scale Participatory Systems ˝, by Grigorios PIPERAGKAS, scholarship INRIA-Paris. Supervisor(s) : Dr. R. Angarita (ISEP). End Oct 2018.


Theses defended


-Title: ˝ Radio Resource Planning in Cellular IoT Networks ˝, by Yi YU. Supervisor(s) : Prof. L. Mroueh (ISEP) and Prof. M. Terré (CNAM), End Jan 2021.

-Title: ˝ Visible Light Communication System Design and Optimisation in Future 5G Home Network ˝, by Lina SHI. Supervisor(s) : Dr. X. Zhang and Prof. A. Vladimirescu (ISEP), End Jan 2021.


-Title : ˝ Segmentation and quantitative analysis of retinal blood vessels in adaptive optics ˝, by Iyed TRIMECHE. Supervisor(s) : Prof. F. Rossant (ISEP), Prof. M. Paques (Hospital XV-XX) and Prof. I. Bloch (TelecomParis). End : 2017-2020.

-Title : ˝ Unsupervised Satellite Image Time Series Analysis Using Deep Learning Techniques ˝, by Ekaterina KALINICHEVA. Supervisor(s) : Prof. M. Trocan and Dr. J. Sublime (ISEP). End : 2017-2020.

-Tilte : ˝ 3D Indoor Optical Environnement Modulization ˝, by Yourong LIU, scholarship CSC -China. Supervisor(s) : Dr. Xun Zhang. End Oct 2020.


– Title : ˝Predictive Placement Algorithms for the Cloud ˝, by Loïc PERRENOU. Supervisor(s) : Dr. Sylvain LEFEBVRE, Prof. Raja CHIKY (ISEP). End January 2019.


-Title : ˝ Automatic multi-view Learning ˝, by Denis MAUREL. Supervisor(s) : Dr. J. Sublime, Prof. R Chiky. End december 2018.

-Tilte : ˝ Transmission error compensation techniques using parsimonious reconstructions ˝, by Rayane EL SIBAI. Supervisor(s) : Dr. Y. Chabchoub, and Prof. R. Chiky (ISEP). End July 2018.

-Title : ˝ Transmission error compensation techniques using parsimonious reconstructions ˝, by Ali AKBARI. Supervisor(s) : Dr. Xun ZHANG (ISEP) and Prof. B. Granado (Sorbonne University). End April 2018.

-Title : ˝ Design of image processing algorithms for an on-board “eye-tracking” solution ˝, by Pavel MOROZKIN. Supervisor : Prof. M. TROCAN (ISEP). End June 2018.

-Title : ˝ Distributed Semantic Filtering and Summary Generation from Massive Data streams ˝, by Amadou FALL DIA. Supervisor(s) : Dr. Z. KAZI AOUL (ISEP) and Prof. Elisabeth METAIS (CNAM-Paris). End December 2018.

-Title : ˝ Distributed reasoning on semantic data ˝, by Xiang-Nan REN. Supervisor(s) : Dr. Y. Chabchoub (ISEP) and Prof. O. Curé (Univ. Paris Est-Paris). End November 2018.

-Title : ˝ Indoor Positioning System Based on Visible Light Using Solar Cell as Receiver ˝, by Chaabna AMEUR. Supervisor(s) : Dr. X. Zhang (ISEP) and Dr. A. BABOURI (Univ. de Guelma-Algeria). End 2018.