Being a Student at ISEP

Student facilities

  • Unlimited access to computer/Internet rooms
  • Free WIFI access within ISEP buildings
  • Each student is provided with a MS Office365 account
  • Books, magazines and newspapers are available in the ISEP library
  • ISEP students are granted free access to the libraries of the Catholic University.

Academic Digital Platform

  • Moodle: To access the student portal (e.g.course materials, news, administrative documents, etc.)
  • Hyperplanning: To access the timetable
  • Weberp: To access personal information and marksheet
  • MS Office 365: Teams, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.
  • Housing Service: To access housing offer information
  • Email management tool: To change the Email password and re-direction Email address

Student Life

  • The Student Union (BDE) is the heart of the school life : run entirely by students coordinators elected by the student body, the BDE organises social events, extracurricular activities, discussions forums and encourages student involvement in ISEP. IsepA is
  • Over more than 30 associations and clubs help build lasting relationship with classmates and develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • The ISEP Junior Company is a student run consulting group with corporate customers of several companies. (


All students paying their tuition fee at ISEP receive an International Student Card (ISIC card), which makes you eligible for reductions on flights, trains, entry fees to many museums and students restaurants.


ISEP is located in Paris and Issy-les-Moulineaux. ISEP is very well deserved by metros, trains and buses. If you stay more than 6 months in Paris, ISEP will help you apply for the Imagine ‘R card which gives you 50% discount on public transportation as a special student fee.

Practicing French

Besides the French language courses of the program, the Catholic University offers to the students registered at ISEP to participate in free French conversation sessions animated by native French speakers: each session lasts one hour and the sessions take place in a friendly atmosphere.

Psychological Support

A dedicated psychological support has been set up for international students facing psychological issues. They can take an appointment with a psy every day in both campuses.

Student testimony

Hong Jing Khok was a student from NTU Singapore who came to ISEP for a research project. Here is his testimony :



I did a research internship ISEP, located near the gorgeous Jardins du Luxembourg (garden Luxembourg) in Paris. ISEP is well known by the excellence of its education and offers to international students a program taught in English. Thanks to a strong partnership with the companies in related industries, this program includes a professional internship and provides students with an optimal preparation for the current demands of the working world. ISEP also hosts the Stanford University Overseas Program in its building.

Our research internship was about

  • refining algorithms used in a load balancer and development of a simulated network in a cloud,
  • machine to machine interaction between Nao robot and AR Parrot drone.

My supervisor in ISEP, Dr. Raja Chiky, is very friendly and approachable. Despite her busy schedule, she took out time (at least once a week, and when needed) to discuss on my research topic. Her input and guidance have shaped this internship into an incredibly useful learning resource, through discussions and collaborations to solve specific problems. As research has no fixed right or wrong answers, neither does it has “the best solutions”; research internship is a great avenue to expose (computer science) students to independently and creatively solve real life (computer science and engineering) problems by applying theories learnt in school. It also prepares students for their Final Year Project and possible future masters/PhD research.

Paris is all about world class art and architecture, fascinating Gothic structure, Renaissance châteaux, iconic landmarks, Parisian cafés, beautiful gardens. Anyone could easily travel from Paris to other major cities. We traveled to London City on one of the weekends, it was only an hour by air. The English were very nice people, and we visited iconic sites like the famous tower bridge, Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben. We also went to Geneva to cycle, swim in Geneva Lake, and tasted the most wonderful cheese fondue. Milano for their gelato, coffee and visited their iconic sites like the Duomo di Milano. Venice, a floating city with lots of canal. Florence, historical sites and outlet shopping. Rome, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Vatican City.

Such overseas program also allows students to gain life skills such as planning activities and daily financial spending, learning foreign language, and being exposed to other cultures.