You need a valid passport to apply for a visa. EU citizens do not require a visa, but a valid Identity card only.


Applying for the visa is mandatory for most of the non EU countries and has to be made at the French consulate in your country of origin.
Documents required when applying for a visa are:

  • Visa application form completed and signed
  • Valid signed passport
  • One separate passport quality photo, with a white background
  • Certificate of registration delivered by ISEP
  • Financial Guarantee (proof of resources): documents attesting that you will have financial support throughout the duration of the programme (for grants holders, the rant certificate indicating the amount and the duration of the grant). You must provide proof of financial means of at east 450€ per month.
  • Medical Guarantee: insurance coverage
  • Proof of French exit travel, valid at least three months from expiry of the visa
  • Proof of residence in France.

Important about VISA (VLS-TS):
Starting on June 1st, 2009 a so-called “Visa Long Séjour Valant Titre de Séjour” (VLS-TS) or a long stay visa equivalent to a residence permit has been granted to students whose study period varies from 91 days to 12 months. This visa does not apply to Algerians.

You must validate your visa VLS-TS at the below address within 3 months after your arrival, print and keep a copy of the proof received at the end of the procedure :

On the above link, please follow these steps :

  • choose your language (top right of the page)
  • buy a tax stamp of 60 euros
  • click and follow the instruction on “Validate your VLS-TS long stay visa” icon. A valid email address, information on your visa, address in France, the number of the tax stamp previously purchase are required.


Resident Permit (only for non EU citizens)

In addition to a visa, you will be required to obtain a “Carte de Séjour” (resident permit) upon arrival in France if you will be staying in the country for more than 1 year. ISEP will assist you with the application process. PLEASE, BRING A CERTIFIED COPY OF YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE TRANSLATED IN FRENCH AND A PROOF OF FINANCIAL MEANS (SAME DOCUMENT AS THE ONE GIVEN O THE FRENCH CONSULATE THAT ISSUED YOUR VISA) IN ORDER TO OBTAIN THE “CARTE DE SÉJOUR“.

IMPORTANT: starting from Fall 2020, the French Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an online procedure for renewing your resident permit via ANEF (Administration Numérique pour les Etrangers de France). Students holding a “VLS-TS étudiant” or “VLS-TS étudiant mobilité”, Algerian students holding a “VLS étudiant” (carte de séjour à sollicité), minor students holding a “VLS-T mineur scolarisé” and individuals holding a resident permit “étudiant” or any other type. You can access it through the following link :

Student Health Insurance

Please visit this link for more information: frances-health-care-system
Students from countries in the European Economic Space are exempted from participation as long as they hold either a European health insurance card (or temporary certificate) valid for the entire academic year.

Contribution to Student and Campus Life

All students admitted to a French institution of higher education excepting exchange students are subjected to a fee known as CVEC (Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus) which helps to finance on-campus programs that enhance the student experience. The amount of the CVEC for AY2020-2021 is 92 Euros.
All the students must register at the site first, then connect to the detailed CVEC site for the payment.

Please visit this link for more information: CVEC


You can find information about possible scholarships at the cultural service of the French embassy or at the French consulate of your country. You can also visit CampusFrance website ( EU exchange students can apply for the Erasmus scholarship from their home university.