Why choose ISEP ?

Job opportunities

Digital technology is now everywhere: from complex industrial equipments to daily objects (mobile phones, transportation, household appliances, etc.). It holds a major place in a globalized economy and opens up new hiring opportunities for our graduates.


Every year, 100% of  ISEP graduates get an employment

There is a shortage of engineers in our country: every year nearly 37,000 engineers are trained in France, but actually the French job market requires 42,000 Engineers.


ISEP engineers are active in different IT-related business sectors : computer consulting, software, hardware, aerospace and automotive, banks, insurance, pharmaceutical, etc.

ISEP is highly ranked amongst the graduate engineering schools in France

Basing on the survey of the French magazine Usine Nouvelle , ISEP is ranked among the top French graduate engineering institutions: France’s 1st private engineering school and 11th out of 106 best engineering graduate schools.

The highlight points:

  • The average salary after graduation | 45 046 € yearly on average
  • The international exposure | 100% of ISEP students go abroad for an academic semester or internship,
  • The employment rate and the strong partnership with the corporate world | 100% of graduates get an employment within 3 months after graduation.



Key Figures




months of internship


student associations and clubs


international partners (universities and graduate schools around the world)


of our students go abroad


of our students get an employment within 3 months


graduates (per year)


corporate partners

9 900

active alumni

45 046 €

yearly average salary

Double degrees

with Audencia Nantes, Cranfield, CentraleSupélec,…

ISEP Alumni


ISEP Alumni is an association of ISEP students and graduates, with nearly 9 000 members.

The role of ISEP Alumni:

  • Mentoring session (career coaching,  internship guidance, professional project etc);
  • Experience sharing session (conferences, afterworks, guidance in the domain of creation companies etc).

Discover our association ISEP Alumni